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The London Branch of OAC is committed to street preaching and evangelism because it effectively reaches people who are outside the church community. Many good programmes have been run, and are indeed being run, by churches of all denominations but few are reaching the lost in large numbers. Jesus himself was an open-air preacher and as we know many flocked to hear his message being proclaimed in such a clear way.

We believe we need Christians today to be following his example and proclaiming the good news to ordinary men, women, children in a way which is accessible to all.

The style we adopt is non-threatening as we attempt to clearly present the truths of the gospel. Our message will usually contain a challenge to those who are not under the Lordship of Jesus to turn to him in repentance and faith. Although we would encourage every person towards trust in Jesus, we do not press individuals to prematurely say a prayer of commitment. We want people to come to real faith, from which their new life can flourish.

We have a strong emphasis on the importance of the local church and we are not in the business of building or maintaining any one church tradition. Our advice and counsel to those who have, or are, turning to Christ is to join a local church. We hope to point our contacts to fellowships which would both welcome them and provide them with the on going discipleship they will need as new believers or those expressing a desire to know the Saviour.

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We usually work with local churches and our experience has been that men and women with a heart for evangelism join us on a regular basis. We seek to the serve those churches by pointing any contacts in the direction of a fellowship which seems best for that individual.

"The OAC Team have been an immense help to our local church. We have an enthusiastic but small team of evangelists and to have the support of the team on a monthly basis over the past three years has been of enormous value. They are true servants, passionate for the lost, skilled in preaching the gospel through the sketchboard and one-to-one conversation and are committed to supporting the local church in evangelism"

Rev Glen Podd (Elim Penticostal Church, Romford, Essex)