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Each and every OAC evangelist is supported through gifts by individuals. All OAC evangelists are self-employed so it is possible to give in various ways in order that Gift Aid can be claimed. Please contact individual evangelists to find out the most efficient way to support them.

OAC is a faith based organisation but in saying that we recognise that faith is based on knowledge that the Lord nearly always provides through the means of his people giving so that the needs of other are met.

Your giving to OAC means that an evangelist is released into the community to take the gospel to those who do not normally go to church. OAC evangelists usually work with churches enabling others to have the tools to go themselves out of the four walls of their church and reach out with the gospel into the local community. This may mean in street ministry but it may mean in schools, old peoples’ homes, prisons, and youth clubs.

Supporting an OAC evangelist is not just giving. We need people to pray for the work. Our financial supporters are nearly always dedicated prayer partners as well.

If you feel you would like to support any of our evangelists please contact them personally and they will send you any details necessary to help you to give in the way which suits you best. They will keep you updated with regular prayer letters, normally about three or four times a year, and you can receive even more regular updates if requested by yourself.

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