STREETWISE Delivering the greatest message EVER to our great city

Each year we hold a training programme called Streetwise which includes six training sessions over a six month period

In 2020 it starts on 11 January and is held on one Saturday a month, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for six months.

Each month the programme builds on the previous one and by the last one a student will have practice in preaching a gospel message in the open-air, use of a sketch board, speaking to individuals about the gospel, and leading a team in the open air.

Each year has also shown that working with others who are also keen to share the gospel in public, has been key to the encouragement of all involved.

Cost – The cost in 2019 was £25 per session or £130  for the six sessions. This included a folder, handouts, pens, and light refreshments at each session.


Dates 2020

11 January; 8 February;
14 March; 11 April; 9 May;    13 June

Sample Course Leaflet

©2019 OAC-Streetwise

"OAC have helped me to become confident in using the sketchboard. I recently went on their course (over the 6 Saturdays once a month) and as a result I am increasingly using the sketch board in open air work, teaching at family services and school assemblies. I found the team that do the teaching very encouraging and great fun to be with.

They take time helping you produce the best possible results and I for one received many helpful suggestions to help me improve my speaking and sketchboard presentations communicate clearly. I appreciated their clear presentation of the gospel and their step by step approach to learning a good technique on the sketchboard. They also have a treasure trove of tricks, good advice for work on the streets, with children and in family services.

I have recently come back from India and Poland where I used the sketchboard. Those watching were intrigued with the words appearing on the board as I spoke and helped to underline the message. I would thoroughly recommend the OAC team and courses to anyone wanting to learn to communicate and add tools to reaching people for Jesus as well as helping in children’s work both inside and outside the church.

Roger Cole (Minister of Henley-on-Thames Baptist Church)

Location - St John’s Church, Broadway, Stratford, London E15 1NG

Further information from Steve Gurnett.

Wisdom calls aloud in the street. She raises her voice in the public squares