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Walk and Talk 2020

From 1 to 4 September  the OAC London team, together with our friends from a sister organisation K180 walked east to west across London whilst praying for our Capital City.

As Steve, the OAC London Director, says,

 "We do a lot of talking about God to people during the year. This is a chance to talk to God about people."

Some others joined us along the way and others joined with us virtually on the WhatsApp group whilst praying at home.

The picture shows some of the team praying outside Buckingham Palace.

September 2020

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Streetwise 2020

This year’s Streetwise Course began well and we managed to hold three session before the Corona virus stopped us meeting.

At present we are unable to say whether we can hold a course this year, but OAC GB have already planned to online training which is due to start on Monday 12 October. As a London team we will consider how we can add to this offer of training.

Actually coming along to open air meetings and joining in is really the best form of training. All are welcome o come to our Central London and regional outreach meetings. There you will find the London evangelists, who will assist you in joining in as you feel you are able. Anything from standing back and praying for those who are listening, talking to those who have stopped and taken an interest, to actually presenting and speaking publicly, while using a sketch board as a visual aid.

"If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to hell over our dead bodies. And if they perish let them perish with our arms wrapped around their knees." Charles H Spurgeon

Further details available from Steve Gurnet - steve.gurnett@talk21.com

October 2020

Streetwise training 2019

Streetwise Training 2019

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In memorial

Gareth Owen, our brother in Christ, fellow OAC evangelist and dear friend, went to be with his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, last March after a battle with cancer.

Gareth, who had worked with London City Mission for many years, joined OAC about ten years ago. He was a vibrant character, with a great love for the Lord, and a passion for sharing the gospel with anyone who would listen. Even on difficult days, when the weather was inclement, or people seem reticent to stop and engage with the team, Gareth had an amazing ability to start conversations with individuals who would happily talk to him.

October 2020

In addition to his evangelistic gift, he regularly visited a number of elderly and disabled people in his home area of East London, ensuring they received a regular visit and encouragement  to continue to walk with Jesus. Gareth was a real servant to all, and whenever we held a joint event, he would be the first to help with any task of washing up or cleaning; ensuring he shared the load. He has a keen sense of humour, which led to many occasions on missions and open airs, when we would laugh together about someone’s mistake or slip in wording.

Football banter about his beloved Spurs was something he relished. He would go along and watch them live when he had the opportunity. As all of do he saw his team through rose-coloured spectacles and would not anything negative said about them.

We will miss his commitment to open air evangelism, his reliability, his wisdom and his bible knowledge. But it is great to know that in his new home he will now have a new body and have no more pain with those troublesome knees.

Gareth the Evangelist we salute you! We look forward to seeing you again in the future.

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October 2018

Our Friday lunch time open air meetings have been an important part of our public outreach for many years. Recently we decided to frequent different Central London locations each week. We now use four sites; Leicester Square, Great Marlborough Street, Covent Garden, and Hounslow. The last location is further out from Central London, but has become part of our regular program as it enables us to work with our friends who hold a weekly outreach outside Holy Trinity Church in the High Street.

Our team of about 8 people gather around the board and speak to those who stop and listen to the gospel presentations on the sketch board. Every week we have wonderful and inspiring contacts with many people, who would otherwise have little or no contact with the church.

The pictures show some of these locations in action over the past months. 

Many people, from all walks of life, appreciate the clear and respectful way we present the message of Jesus, in a way they can understand. The sketch board gives a visual representation while the message is spoken and people enjoy seeing the message develop.

Our prayer is that those listening will hear the voice of the Lord Jesus calling them personally and that they will make a positive decision to follow Him as both Lord and Saviour.

Open Air Meetings in London