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Wisdom calls aloud in the street. She raises her voice in the public squares. Proverbs 1:20

The message about Jesus is so important we want as many people as possible to hear it. When we say hear, we mean actually stopping and deliberately listening to what is being spoken.

We have found that using a SKETCH BOARD, together with speaking sensitively in a simple and clear way, has proved to be an effective tool in helping people engage with our message.

Welcome to the OAC-Streetwise web site. You may have met us in the street and have heard a gospel message being explained while someone painted on a sketch board, or alternatively you may have met us when we were taking a school assembly or visiting your church. We hope that you find our site both interesting and challenging.

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The next Streetwise training will be announced in due course.

Further information

See video here of Steve Gurnett doing a sketchboard presentation in Hounslow.

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